Saturday, April 28, 2012

Week 5 pics

I got a call from my boss yesterday.  They got my leave approved and I return on the 1st.  My checkbook is so relieved!  I'm still super dependent on my my Ibuprofen and Tylenol for pain relief.  Sometimes I still need a Vicodin at night.  But it's all pain in my right TMJ.  If it weren't for this darn joint problem, I'd be mostly pain free.  But, it's getting better, so I'm not trying to whine about it. 

Not too excited about my looks yet, I'm hoping there's A LOT of healing ahead.  I feel like my face is cartoonish, resembling Droopy dog.  The flipped up nose and long space between my nose and upper lip are the things which concern me most, but maybe it won't look so bad in 6 months.  Not liking the jowls either, but I had a bit of that pre-op too.  That can go away easily with liposuction if I still hate it in a year.  I'll try not to focus on my looks for a while, because the OS said it will be 6-12 months to see the final result.  Some pics from today...

Where oh where has my upper lip gone?  Where oh where can it beee??!  (singing)

Droopy dog reincarnated...

This is as wide as I can open right now.  The right TMJ is the painful one, but the left has limited range of motion. 

Looks really wonky to me, hoping it will all straighten out


  1. Hey! I don't know why I haven't seen this post sooner. Just wanted to let you know that (a) swelling tends to settle in the jowls area and you will see a dramatic reduction (albeit very slowly) around the 3-4 month mark post op and (b) the upper lip is still very swollen in these pics, I had the same thing and it did go away around 3.5 months (but then at 4 months had a third surgery and still dealing with that again). You can tell you're still quite swollen in this area because the smile lines are not as pronounced as they should be when you smile big. I, too, was concerned with all this swelling but I promise it will go away and you will have a lovely heart shaped face once it does! Lucky you, that's the most feminine and pretty of face shapes :-)

    1. thanks for the reassurance. It's hard not to get frustrated with the process.

  2. by the way, I LOVE your nose! I think it's super cute!

    1. thank you. funny thing is...I hate it, lol
      Maybe it will grow on me.
      But I didn't like it before the surgery either.