Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Days

Just a quick update.  I think my jaw is finally lining up.  I've only worn my guiding elasitic for about 2 hours over the last three days and my bite is staying in place!  This makes me more happy than you could imagine because this issue has been my biggest worry since the surgery.  The pain in my joint is much less lately, even though I've been chewing more things along with being significantly more active.  And my bite feels much more stable.  This is the light I was looking for at the end of this long tunnel!  I guess the joint swelling is finally going down.  Thank goodness!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

11 weeks, before and after pics

Sorry I haven't posted.  We've been so busy!
I had my check up about 2 weeks ago.  It went well.  Doc was very pleased with how well I was doing and how everything looked.  Said the bones were all healed and I was free to do what ever I felt like I was capable of.  But no chewy or crunchy foods, it would aggravate my joint swelling.  He said I still have a good deal of swelling, in the joints and in my cheeks, and that it will take me several more months to get rid of that.  He said considering my case, it's common to have the lingering swelling.  They removed the stubborn stitch that was under my top lip and discussed use of the guiding elastic.  I still have to wear the guiding elastic, but it's on an "as needed" basis now.  I'm able to leave it out for a few hours, then I feel my bite shifting, so I put it back in.  It doesn't bother me anymore, but I worry about my bite shifting once I don't have braces.  He also said that my 30 mm opening was pretty good for this stage of the game, that's all you really need to be functional.  And it will continue to increase over time.
The OD did some fun (insert sarcasm) stuff the following week.  But I'm excited to wrap this up, so wrench away doc!  Here are my pics before and at 11 weeks:

                                                  The biggest cheezy smile ever...look, top
                                                   teeth over bottom teeth, woohoo!