Saturday, December 10, 2011


I have a date!  March 22nd is my surgery date.

  ( / )  ( \ )  ( / )    that's my butt doin a happy dance!

That is 9 months past my original surgery date, but hey, better late than never.

I would be ready January, but my OS is head of the University of Pittsburgh oral surgery and they close down for that month.  February is out because my brother will be home from Germany that month.  He and his family are staying with me and I wouldn't be a very good hostess if I'm all gimped up with a broken face.  So, March it is. 

It's going to be a juggling act for sure.  I start a new job on December 19th (accepted the position one week before I got a call with my surgery date).  Jason and his family will be here Feb 9th to March 7th.  Moving out of my house the following week. Then double jaw surgery on the 22nd.  I won't have any vacation time and no one to really help me pack and move.  So, it ought to be quite interesting but I'm determined to make it all work somehow.  So ready to move on with my life and put this surgery behind me.

More later. But for now, happy shopping, baking, and decorating to everyone.