Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Do I have something in my teeth?

Today was pink clay day, which I've been anxiously awaiting.  These are the molds I've been waiting to take, for what seems like for ever!  When I go back to my ortho in 3 weeks, he'll let me know if my teeth are where they need to be for surgery.  Anyone who's had molds taken with braces on understands how hard it is to get all those tiny pieces out.  And the sink station is smack dab in the middle of the office, where everyone can see you brushing, picking, spitting and gnarling it up in the mirror looking for more stragglers.  Not a pleasant situation at all!  But at least there is no pain involved. 

Speaking of pain, my teeth don't hurt anymore.  This should be a good thing, but I think if they don't hurt then they are not moving.  Then again, what do I know?  Also, I think I've started clenching my teeth in my sleep.  I have never done this before, but the past few weeks I often wake up with tight jaw muscles and sore molars.  My TM joints are popping and clicking  A LOT now, and they never used to.  So, I mentioned it to my ortho and he gave me a night guard to use.  I can't imagine sleeping with that thing in my mouth, but I'll give it a try.

I still feel like I'm in limbo but other things are looking up.  I've lost 31 pounds!  It's not much but I'm down two pant sizes, and people are starting no notice now, which makes all the hard work seem worth it.  I have 49 lbs to go still, but I'm almost half way to my goal, yay me!  Another positive lately, I'm starting to feel less stressed about juggling my roles.  I was a stay at home mom for two years, I've been back to work since February.  I've had a hard time learning to balance full time work (I do one 8 hour and two 16 hour shifts each week, or two 12's and a 16), and being the best Mommy/chef/maid that I can.  And what I've learned, is that I can't do it all with the degree of perfection I'd like, and that's OKAY.  As Cece says in her blog, "Screw Superwoman!"  I've pretty much waived the white flag regarding house work.  I'll get to it when I can, everything doesn't HAVE to be spotless all the time.  Right now, spending time with my daughter is more important.  She has so many things going on right now between the divorce and a new classroom in school every couple of months, I worry about her.  But, that's my job I guess, I'm supposed to worry :)

Sorry for the long-winded tangent.  I try to keep my banter to jaw related issues only here, but sometimes I wander.  I hope everyone recovering is doing well and those who have recently recovered are loving life with their brand new chompers!


Monday, August 1, 2011

Before Pictures

Since this blog is mainly about an upcoming physical transformation, I thought "before" pictures were in order.  As much as it pains me to do so, I got out the camera the other day and clicked away.  Today, as I'm sorting the pictures I took, two things occurred to me: perhaps I should have asked someone else to take pictures for me because these are awful, and why on earth did I take pictures after being outside for two hours on a hot day being a sweaty mess?!  Not a properly planned photo shoot indeed!  Regardless, I don't feel like doing that again anytime soon.  So, here you have it folks...the good, the bad, an the ugly.

 This is me "posturing" a smile.  My attempt to hide the big flaws ='s half a smile with no
 teeth, chin down,  head slightly tilted.  I've learned to do these things after many very
 scary photo results.

                        The puckery face is my attempt to not show my gnarly chompers in a
                         photo, while trying not to look mad at the world. Much too
                        MaryKate Olsen in retrospect.

                            Here is my "half a toothy grin" look.  It's much less scary, trust me!

The dreaded profile!  Yes, my face is that smooshed. And no, I was not hit in the face with a frying pan!

Relaxed profile..My "catching flies" look

Here's the front view of that same "relaxed" face. C'mon boys, you know that is H-O-T hot!

Yes, I know, it's hard to see this face and not feel like I'm staring a hole right through
you. But in fact, this meanie face is the by-product of not smiling while trying to keep
my mouth from gaping open like an idiot!

And just in case I haven't scared the begeezus out of you by now, here's one more
sexy pic for ya...bottom teeth made crooked by braces (WTH?) covered in coffee
stained "pearl" chains.  Okay boys, you have to admit it now...you can't resist the
urge to kiss this mouth  ;P

So, there you have it, me and my mug in ways I've never planned to parade.  We won't see the "after" if we can't see the "before" though, right?.  Now that I've spewed all the self-deprecating humor you can handle, I must add that I'm down 19 lbs and one pant size on my "Alpo" diet!  Yay me! 

Sending thoughts of encouragement for all my fellow jaw bloggers who may be recovering right now.