Saturday, March 3, 2012

Info from the surgeon

Okay, my surgeons gave me the low down on Tuesday.

My procedure papers say:

1.  Reconstruction midface, segmental (3 pc.) LeFort I osteotomy with bone graft
2.  Reconstruction mandibular rami ; bilateral sagittal split osteotomies

Translation: pain, misery and more pain.

I'm on the books for first surgery of the day, hopefully it will stay that way.  One night stay in the hospital if everything goes as planned.  I will have a splint for 6 weeks ( yay : / )  But the best news is...drum roll please...soft food diet from the start!  No syringe feedings for me.  Woohoo!!!!

Life is hectic right now, but I think it has been good for me to keep my mind occupied.  I started a new job in December.  I have to return after two weeks because I will loose my job if I don't.  The company I work for will only give me two weeks off as a new employee, after that, they let me go.  Just their policy, nothing can be done about it.  So keep you fingers crossed that I can rally for work at two weeks post-op.  I really need this job.

My Mom had kidney surgery about 3 weeks ago.  Then had a second one a week later.  I think it was hard on her, but she is doing well now and that is a huge weight off my mind.

My brother, his wife, their 18 month old daughter, and their two dogs have been stayin with me since Feb 9th.  He is in the Army and has been in Germany for 8 years.  They are moving to Kentucky to his new post in less than a week but they stayed with us for a month to visit. It has been so nice to have them here.  Mara and I will miss them all so much when they leave.

My husband and I are back together.  We had separated, filed for divorce and he moved out almost a year ago.  But around Christmas time we decided to not go through with the divorce.  It has been so wonderful to have my family back together and I'm hopeful for the future.  He hasn't moved back in yet, but shortly after my surgery he will.  It seems everything is falling into place.  

So, Jason and his family are here for a few more days, then it's time to get my act together and make my preparations for surgery.  I hope to keep as busy as possible until then and maybe squeeze in a few good meals, a date night, and a special day for Mara over the next 19 days.  Poor pumpkin has pneumonia right now and has been so sick.

That's my crazy life right now.  So, to all you teenagers who wonder how you will manage to get through surgery and recovery, just think of me and how rediculously crazy it would be if you waited until you were old like me, and do it now if you're able. 

Hope you all are well.


  1. Wow...Your life is FULL of blessings! Family is a wonderful thing. Congratulations on having your family together, healthy and happy. Here's to a quick recovery for Mara!!!

  2. Hi Nicole, I know you were heading into this year with a lot on your plate. Wow, you still have a lot going on, but sounds like a lot of GREAT mixed in there too. I'm so happy for you. I also can't believe your surgery is coming up. Good luck for a speedy recovery. If it's one thing that I've learned reading all these blogs, is that it's the "older set" that recover the quickest. (I'm counting on that too!) I look forward to keeping up with your blog/surgery/recovery over the next couple of months:)

  3. Nichole, I'm so happy that your family surrounds you during this time in your life when you need them most, what a true blessing you've been given!