Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm alive!

I'm a hot mess but I'm trying to be greatful.  I'm alive, awake and functional (sort of).  Not still stuck in a hospital and on the road to better days.  Have pics but I totally don't have the energy to post them. Can hardly stay awake to type this.

Surgery went well I'm told.  6 hours as exptected.  I started to have a lot of swelling on the table, so I'm swollen much more than normal.  But the OS says everyone reacts differently and my tissues are just really sensitive.  Unfortunately I also have a lot of swelling in my joint, so my jaw is kind of out of place and very painful.  it feels dislocated and the surgeon says it should goback into place once the swelling goes down.  for now, lots of steriods, lots of ice, and as much pain medication as I'm allowed.  Hoping it all works out cuz this kinda sucks right now.  Every muscle in my body from my waist up hurts and my face is KILLING me.  Hopefully the swelling goes down soon so I can swallow better.  right now I have to swallow with my head back, just using my tounge because my jaw won't close.  good times!!

Still working on greatful.


  1. Well done Nichole! I'm sure you're looking great already, I can't wait to see some photos. Stay positive, sending happy vibes your way! Keep us posted on your progress.

    Beth x

  2. I'm glad to hear you made it through! All that swelling sounds very uncomfortable- I hope you get some relief from the pain soon...stay well and rest up! Looking forward to seeing your results!



  3. You made it - hooray! I know right now it's incredibly uncomfortable and annoying but it does get better. I can't wait to see pics and progress as you get your energy back. I'm keeping you in my thoughts! Rest up and feel better :)

  4. thanks ladies! looking forward to better days ahead!

  5. hang in there, the worst is almost over! why did you have a bone graft? i know sometimes jaw surgery patients need this and others dont but I am not sure why. would love to know!