Monday, August 1, 2011

Before Pictures

Since this blog is mainly about an upcoming physical transformation, I thought "before" pictures were in order.  As much as it pains me to do so, I got out the camera the other day and clicked away.  Today, as I'm sorting the pictures I took, two things occurred to me: perhaps I should have asked someone else to take pictures for me because these are awful, and why on earth did I take pictures after being outside for two hours on a hot day being a sweaty mess?!  Not a properly planned photo shoot indeed!  Regardless, I don't feel like doing that again anytime soon.  So, here you have it folks...the good, the bad, an the ugly.

 This is me "posturing" a smile.  My attempt to hide the big flaws ='s half a smile with no
 teeth, chin down,  head slightly tilted.  I've learned to do these things after many very
 scary photo results.

                        The puckery face is my attempt to not show my gnarly chompers in a
                         photo, while trying not to look mad at the world. Much too
                        MaryKate Olsen in retrospect.

                            Here is my "half a toothy grin" look.  It's much less scary, trust me!

The dreaded profile!  Yes, my face is that smooshed. And no, I was not hit in the face with a frying pan!

Relaxed profile..My "catching flies" look

Here's the front view of that same "relaxed" face. C'mon boys, you know that is H-O-T hot!

Yes, I know, it's hard to see this face and not feel like I'm staring a hole right through
you. But in fact, this meanie face is the by-product of not smiling while trying to keep
my mouth from gaping open like an idiot!

And just in case I haven't scared the begeezus out of you by now, here's one more
sexy pic for ya...bottom teeth made crooked by braces (WTH?) covered in coffee
stained "pearl" chains.  Okay boys, you have to admit it can't resist the
urge to kiss this mouth  ;P

So, there you have it, me and my mug in ways I've never planned to parade.  We won't see the "after" if we can't see the "before" though, right?.  Now that I've spewed all the self-deprecating humor you can handle, I must add that I'm down 19 lbs and one pant size on my "Alpo" diet!  Yay me! 

Sending thoughts of encouragement for all my fellow jaw bloggers who may be recovering right now.



  1. You are too cute. I think you look great. But thank you for having the courage to put all of your "flaws" on display. I know FIRST-hand how humbling that has to be, especially when we spend so much time (as humans) only wanting people to see the best of us. I really hope your surgery resolves the issues you are experiencing with your bite. I know that having a young child, and facing such a big hurdle can be daunting, but believe in yourself! You CAN do it. And you will find the strength with each passing day to go on until you are completely healed.

    I wish you the best!

  2. Thank you Cece. Once I found the courage to post "the ugly pics", which I normally would have deleted upon first sight, it was quite liberating. I've spent my entire life hiding in one way or another, and it feels good to just be me for a change. I've also spent my entire adult life posturing/minimizing my underbite but my TMJ pain is so bad that now I cannot. So, the pretending is over!

    Looking over your blog, all I can say is WOW. You look amazing, but it seems you've gone through jaw surgery hell to get there. I'm sorry the road has been long for you, and I hope in the end, you can look back with no regrets and just get back to living your life to the fullest.

    In my up coming days of misery, your story and many others will give me the strength to get over myself and put one foot in front of the next. Thank you for sharing your story!


  3. Nichole, I am so going to be following your have me laughing so hard with your humor. I love it! I have to say though, you are super adorable! I can see you profile is a little flat but omg, I hope they don't change you face too much! I take it you are just having the upper jaw moved forwards a bit? I thought I read in your initial post just lower? Anyway, you really are beautiful already! I can say that now that I am post-op, my pain is gone. I hope the same for you as well!

  4. Hehe, thanks Tina. You guys are so sweet around here! Thank you for the kind words, and I'll try to keep up with the chuckle factor. I'm actually having upper and lower. I had a distinct underbite as a kid. It was "corrected" to a flat faced open bite, and now has sadly morphed into a saggy-joweled mean face with age. I don't have all the technical lingo down yet, but I am having a 3 piece upper advancement, a lower reduction (with a twist) because the lower is lopsided and a possible genio to reduce my pointy chin (Or so it was called by the OS) if the lower surgery puts my chin in an unattractive position. I'm secretly hoping for him to fix my nose while he's in there, but that is less likely. I personally think a head transplant would be much easier than all those shenannigans. But, hopefully I've enlisted myself one heck of an OS!
    So, I'm really just figuring out this blogging thing, is it appropriate to respond here, or should I send my reply to your blog??? I've been responding to people here, but I wonder how they know I replied.

  5. Nichole,
    Agreed you are darling. It is hard at first to show the pictures we hate so much but darling you are so attractive. Seriously, this surgery will only put you off the richter scale of beauty and grace. I hope you will have some help and support with your little one when its time for surgery. You will be so glad that you went through this. By the days before my surgery, my bit was so bad i looked like a pirate needing to chew fat off the bone! It's all gone now....
    your amazing!! and yes, you can reply here. we all usually check back to see other comments and such.

  6. I just need to say... Thank you! You guys are all so sweet, and I'll be revisiting these comments regularly for my daily ego boost :)

  7. Nicole, I just found your blog and I LOVE it! I don't think I will get the concept of "degloving" out of my head. It's a genius term, I thank you. I hope your teeth move along quickly so that your surgery can be re-scheduled!

  8. Hi Amanda!

    I can't take credit for that term, the lovely surgeon from years back gets all that credit (insert sarcasm). I actually still get the heebee-jeebeez when I think of it. Blechh! I'm looking forward to getting rescheduled asap. I'm a planner and a control freak, so this all has me wigged out a bit. I'll be sure to check out your blog soon!

  9. I really feel for you on the whole bottom teeth thing, my teeth were pretty much straight before my braces, and now i almost have an underbite. But i guess its a tiny thing to put up with compared to the end result eh?
    How much longer do you have left before surgery? X

  10. Right, no pain no gain! I was warned my bite would get much worse before the surgery. They weren't kidding! My surgery is up in the air right now. It was supposed to be this past summer but things haven't really worked out as planned. Now, I have no clue. And apparently, neither does my NOT reassuring.