Monday, July 30, 2012

Blocked from blogs?

Some of the blogs I've been following won't allow me to read now.  I'm not sure if maybe I've annoyed some people or they have changed their privacy settings.  When I go to certain blogs, I get a message that I haven't been invited to read.
So, if this was done intentionally, I'm terribly sorry to have offended or annoyed you.


  1. Hey Nichole, can you let me know if you can see my blog? I changed my privacy setting, but I thought my members would still be able to read it. Thanks!

  2. Hi Max,
    Yours is one that I can't access. It says permission denied because I have not been invited to read.

  3. Ok, thanks. I'll change it now:)

  4. I've had the same problem. A good third of the blogs I follow are now blocked, which is weird because it still sends me updates. "Three Weeks Post... [See More]" "Oh no, not you! Uh. huh uh." It's a bummer because the updates really help keep me going.

    1. I think blogger may have promted people to change a privacy setting or something. Max changed hers back and now I can see her blog. I hope your fellow bloggers get the message Thomas. I'm sure your bummed...all this time on your hands to read, and you can't get to it.