Friday, October 14, 2011

What's goin on?

The answer to that questions is NOTHING.  The OS office called me back Tuesday to inform me that the surgeon needs to do another mock up of my molds. I guess things aren't lining up as planned.  I'm starting to freak a bit.  Shouldn't he have a better game plan?  Why all this last minute change of plans stuff?  I really don't want the man in charge of putting my head back together to  be unsure of himself.  AAAHHHH THE STRESS!!!!

So, my July surgery has been repeatedly postponed.  I'm now looking at after January 1st. But they wouldn't even give me a guess as to when.  Would be nice if I could actually see my surgeon to get some questions answered.  He has seen me once, for 30 minutes, 16 months ago.  I was supposed to be almost out of braces at this point.  So much for my 12-18 month treatment course.  Oh well, griping isn't going to help.  It is what it is.

I've promised myself, that tomorrow when I wake up, I will find a new focus and let this one go for now.  It's too draining to stay in this place any longer. 

To better days my friends!

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