Friday, October 7, 2011


I don't know what to do right now.  I really want to call the OS office again.  It's been a week and a half since he met with my OD and discussed my case.  On Monday, the PA ( I think she is a PA)  said she would call me back by 2pm.  It's now Friday.  I soooo want to call again, but this woman isn't necessarily friendly, and I feel like she has all the power in this situation.  I don't want to tick off the woman with all the power, ya know?  I am so lost right now.  I just feel defeated, like they could care less about my situation.  I just want to scream...

" Look, I am a human being, not a number.  I have a life...a job, a child and many things to consider and plan for.  And on top of that, I am a very kind person...patient and forgiving, caring and understanding, and I do not deserve to be treated this way!" 

Nahhh,  don't think that would go over very well.  Guess I just shut up and wait some more. (shrugging shoulders)

UPDATE!!!!  10-10-11 @ 10:45

I called the OS office and left a voicemail.  Then I called my OD to let him know what was going on, because I was supposed to call him back with the update and come in for some adjustments.  Turns out, My OD is out of the office till next week, but his very nice partner (who also happens to be his son and my friend's husband) called the office for me to ask them to get back to me.  He called me right back and said he spoke with the girl I was waiting on a call from (she's the OS patient coordinator, I thought she was a PA).  She said that the OS has been out of the office and isn't back until tomorrow, and she isn't putting me on the schedule until she speaks with him. least that's a reason why she hasn't called me.  But, don't tell me you'll call me back by 2pm, then have no intention to call me back, and leave me hanging for over a week.  That's just rude!
Thank goodness for my OD's very kind and sweet partner, who took time out of his day for patient he doesn't even see.  I would have been in tears by tomorrow if he hadn't dug up that bit of info for me.  So, tomorrow, I should know what the heck is going on ("what's goin on      what's goin on" (singing in my head because I AM a goober)).  And tomorrow I work a 16 hours shift, so I probably won't be able to take the call.  Grrrrrrr


  1. I would totally call back. I would use my sweetest, kindest most appreciative voice and make sure to let her know how much you appreciate her help and how she is SO important to you. Trust me, it goes a long way. There is no way I could have waited all week.
    First thing Monday.. On the phone! I will be praying for you.

  2. I would definitely call them back on Monday! I don't think it would be unreasonable at all, since it has been a full week. It's so frustrating when you are waiting on someone to call you back. Even if you don't get an answer, at least you can find out what the hold up is!

  3. Okay, I'll call back Monday morning. Thanks for the support girls! I just don't want to be that annoying, pestering pain in the behind to anyone. Boy it's hard to refrain though!

  4. I hope you heard back from her today. My appt with the OS is at 3pm. I can't wait to talk to him and finally ask him all the questions I've had building up for the last 4 months. I just hope I remember them all!

  5. How did it go? I did really think about you Monday morning.. I promise! Said a little prayer for you and was hopeful that you spoke with someone. Did you have any luck?

  6. Janell, You crack me up. You were laying there, getting ready to have your face sawed apart, and you said a prayer that I could have a conversation.

    That is unbelievably sweet and also very eye-opening to me. Puts it all into perspective that I'm stressing and whining over trivial things. Although I was aware of this already, it hits home a little harder now.

    Thank you for your enlightening thoughtfulness. I hope you are feeling well.