Sunday, June 5, 2011

Last July

So, my braces have been on for almost a year now and I've already grown tired of them.  My mouth feels dirty and sore all the time.  Flossing is a chore and eating is rarely an enjoyable thing now.  You'd think I would have lost a ton of weight by now, but living off of soft foods like mac-n-cheese because my jaws and teeth hurt all the time isn't a great weight loss plan I suppose.

This picture was taken on my way to get my braces on.

and here are the results of that visit

that is my bite, my teeth are clenched in the back.  I don't think people with a normal bite understand the difficulty of having such a mug.  Try speaking clearly with your mouth half open. It takes great concentration, and its very exhausting on the face and jaw muscles.  My eating habits are wearing off on my daughter.  The poor kid plucks at and dissects her food with her fingers like I do instead of just taking a bite out of it.  My mother pointed that out to me a while back.  I guess its not a huge deal for her, just sad to me. 

I'll post some current pictures soon but I'll probably wait until I get my ties changed.  Clear braces and ties are cool sometimes, but they stain a lot and I can't give up the coffee.  So, my teeth look terribly yellow, sometimes even brown when my ties are old.  I'm starting to think silver teeth wouldn't have been so bad after all.

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