Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Scratch Plan B

Shortly after surgery, my OS told me the plan was to complete my treatment down the road with veneers on 6 bottom teeth.  My bottom teeth are teeny tiny and have gaps between all front 6.  To prevent shifting of my teeth and for bite retention they would need to be touching.  I discussed this with my OD and asked him what plan B was.  I told him I was not comfortable with 6 lower veneers if I had another option.  I just couldn't stand the thought of altering my natural teeth which were perfectly functional even though they didn't look perfect. I shuddered at the cost, the fact that veneers would need replaced at some point in my life, and the thought of my bottom teeth looking different from my top teeth.  So, he came up with plan B for me which was to pull the bottom 6 together with braces then build up the two teeth behind my bottom eye teeth to close those two gaps.  I was much more comfortable with this plan as it only altered two teeth. So, we progressed with this plan and have been working on it for the past several months.

Skip to last week...
It didn't work.  My bottom teeth did come together.  But my jaws are wonky and not symmetrical, so to keep the midlines lined up I ended up with a very large space on the left side and none on the right.  You could almost put another tooth in that gap!  So, we've had to nix plan B and go back to plan A.  I'm very frustrated.  Not with my team or anything, just with the situation.  They tried, and I'm thankful for that.

I saw the cosmetic dentist my OS wants me to see.  He said 6 lower veneers are my only option at this point.  If I would have gone along with this recommendation from the begining, I'd be done and brace free today.  Oh well.  Now, we must spend the next few months spreading the teeth back out to where they were to prep them for veneers.  I know, I know, I'm an idiot!  I've had these braces on since July of 2010 and I'm antsy to be done.

Over the next 3 months, hopefully the teeth will cooperated and I'll get started on my veneers.  I have to come up the 10 grand ASAP to cover the cost.  Nauseated!  Between the $5,500 for braces (this round), several hundred dollars in out of pocket expenses for surgery and $10, 000 for veneers, I'm financially drained.  At least the surgery was covered I guess, but I wasn't expecting the braces to cost so much and I was never planning on 10 grand in veneers so I'm feeling quite stressed about all the money.
Sorry for the whining, I should be more grateful I suppose.  I'm just stressed about the unexpected costs.


  1. Wow, that's intense. Lots of good vibes your way and here's to fast moving teeth!

    1. Thanks Amanda. Hope they hurt less moving apart than they did moving together. I doubt it, but one can hope :)

  2. Hi. I had surgery in august of 2011. I wanted both jaws done but my surgeon felt i only needed lower jaw moved forward ..fast forward to today..my braces have been off since may and im still having tmj issues. My orthodontist says nothing more orthodonically can be done. My dentist says 4 ctowns on my back molars can help build out the teeth so i no longer will have a slight crossbite...ive spent about as much as you so far and im not done either!!!! My surgeon was also an associate of your surgeon at one time!!

    1. Sorry to hear you are having problems. TMJ can be so touchy. Mine has been a bear to get under control, but thankfully it all seems to be working out. Small world on the surgeons huh? I love Dr. Ochs, but I don't know any of his associates.
      I hope you can get your crossbite handled so hopefully your TMJ pain will calm down. Best wishes!