Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Recent pics

Keir and I went to a wedding on Sunday.  We managed to snap a few photos.  I am so much less paranoid about my face now.  These pics were taken quickly, no posing or posturing of my jaw like I've done for years.  It's nice to finally not HATE the random pictures.


  1. Hi there! I believe I read you had some TMJ issues prior to surgery? I was just wondering how you're holding up :)

    1. Hi Ashley. Yes, I had a great deal of TMJ issues prior to surgery. The constant pain was the main reason for finally deciding to go through with the surgery. I'm so happy to say that at this point, I have little to no pain at all! It's never promised that this surgery with relieve all TMJ related pain, but I lucked out and I'm so glad I did the surgery. I'm eating things now that I haven't been able to eat in years, and not hurting the next day!

  2. I'm glad to hear you've had relief! I have a Class III malocclusion (crossbite) and severe TMJ issues (popping/crackling/pain/spasms at times/neck pain). I do have some degeneration and I think both discs are displaced.. and I'm only 20! It's all very unpleasant. I start splint therapy in a few weeks and hopefully that will help for now. I was told by my OMS that an IVRO would probably be best from me and from research I've done, that can be beneficial for people with TMJ issues. I guess having faith in your team is a big thing. It's so nice hearing success stories.. I wish you continued improvement! :)